African Lace Fabric

 African Lace Fabric are a way of designing used to define Africa’s culture. These laces are known for their rich design and vibrant colours. African Lace Fabric is a kind of delicate fabric that is specially designed with intense embroidery and is a different form of laces compared to Europe and America. African Lace Fabric is a type of industrial embroidery on linen, cotton, satin which is specially designed for the Western Africa market by Austrian or Swiss manufacturers. In this region, this embroidery is decided to be designed as vibrant colours, typically for traditional clothing. This embroidery has similar look as guipure but in the conventional sense, it is not any kind of lace. The African Lace Fabric is often explained as, Nigerian Lace. The fact behind this name was Nigeria being the major exporter for the Swiss companies. The other names for this embroidery are Swiss lace or Austrian lace.

These African Lace Fabric are a kind of delicate fabrics designed by either machine or hand in the form of web-like structure or patterns. In back 20th century these African laces were especially traditionally designed for kings, queens and aristocrats to demonstrate their rich heritage. But, nowadays this African lace fabric can be worn as a traditional attire by anyone. Besides all this fact there is some pros and cons of African Lace Fabric i.e.


· The special finish of African Lace Fabric is that it has the highest qualities which neither lose colour nor shrink.

· It is the most durable kind of lace fabric.

· It provides an elegant look when attached with any fabric either it is silk or linen.

Besides some special qualities it also includes some cons that are listed below:


· The customer cannot discriminate between the fake or original copies, so one has to be careful while purchasing African lace fabric.

· It is not a secret that laces designed by European manufacturers are not pocket friendly or cost-effective.

The African lace fabric adds beauty and provides a stunning look to everyday life. The dresses made from African gives a gorgeous and perfect look for a romantic dinner or a summer night out. The material is an ideal choice for a pleasant evening, so what to wait for just try it once. 


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